Peanut Butter Organic INN

1,850 Incl sales tax

We bring you from our labs the richest, refined, and supple peanut butter smooth. It is as creamy as it can tend to be and thicker than anything you have tasted before. Our Peanut Butter Smooth has a creamy consistency and even creamier texture. All of this is packaged without a minuscule of preservatives/additives so that you can eat the creamiest Peanut Butter–and that too, healthily. Peanut Butter Smooth will soak up your tastebuds with all the flavour and cream you can ask for. If you want to taste the best Peanut Butter Smooth (and the thickest one yet) giving ours a try should be a no-brainer.

This product has been completely sourced and manufactured in Pakistan and does NOT contain ANY artificial Ingredients/sugars/stabilizers/oils.

There may be oil separation on top of the jar as there is No Stabilizer/Preservatives present in the product. Please stir it back in every time you use it. The Oil you see is natural peanut oil.




Peanut Butter


No Hydrogenated oils

No Preservatives

No SugerAddedd

No Stabilisers


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