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About Me

I have been doing Gym for a year & 3 months and the results are in front of you. First I workout for three months without a strong diet. And then I used protein for six months and added good diet in my daily routine. The protein I added Whey Protein and Creatine and daily ten ages just eat two eggs yolk. And then after that I skipped protein and eat only ten eggs a day. Let me just tell you, this is my natural body. Today Date 07 July 2022.

My name is Mudasar MD & I am 21 year old

Now I am Learning About Bodybuilding

Now I start 5 best Bodybuilding books reading. 

These books Names:

1. Weight training Anatomy

2. Starting Strength

3. Westside Barbell Book of Methods

4. A-Z Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding

Weight training Anatomy

The first one I have just started reading You can read along with me by clicking on it if you want Otherwise you can download book from this link Download Book

How Start Gym | Beginners workout & diet plan | My Channel Intro & New boys start gym-related video

Personal Training & My Weekly Workout Routine

About all this I know better. I can give you better advice. How can you Loss your weight / Management, how can you build your Muscle, I can tell you what is your diet plan should be. what should be your daily Running / Walking schedule and when you should and shouldn’t use steroids. 

Leg & Calf

2 Hours 6AM To 8AM


1 Hour 30 Min 6AM       To7:30AM


2 Hours 6AM To 8AM


1 Hour 30 Min 6AM To 7:30AM


2 Hours 6AM To 8AM

Bicep's & Tricep's

2 Hours 6AM To 8AM

Rest Day

Just Morning Walking & Running 1 Hour                   Sunday

Four Arms

20 Min of the end in                 Shoulder Day                             Wednesday

Body Stretching

15 Min of the end in Leg day 

Training Gallery

What exercise do I do? My weekly workout routine. I will show you my daily workout routine in my gallery.

Leg Workout

Training Rates

I am currently not available for this option and I will enable myself first and until then you can enjoy my training free.


Diet Or Fitness Report


Diet & Fitness Report


Diet & Fitness Max

My Gym & My City Gym's

My Country Name is Pakistan and in which city I live his name is Bahawalpur. My Gym Name is FLEX FITNESS GYM It doesn’t have the best workout machines, but it’s complete for building a great body.  There are more gyms in this city, I will tell you the names of all of them and you can see them here

Flex Fitness Gym

Owner : Shahbaz Ahmad

Beard Brothers Gym

Owner : M Rasheed

Fitness 360 Female Section

Model Town A, Gulberg Road Habib Colony, Bahawalpur 062-28863360

Titan Gym

Ghousia Colony, beside One Unit Staff Colony, One Unit Colony, Bahawalpur 0308 7184296

IronHouse Gym & Fitness Club II

2nd Floor, Satellite Town- 5C Main Entrance, Al-Madina Plaza, Satellite Town, Bahawalpur
0311 0222111

What People Say About Me

Now people don’t say anything special about me, I’m not special to them now. Usually, my friends tell me that you are a different person and there is something different about me. You don’t think about people
That is what they are saying, they are saying bad things to you, you don’t take it seriously, you just do what your heart wants. Guys at the gym see my good body and ask me for my opinion on how to build a good body.



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